Robert Spiller

President and Chief Executive Officer

Stephen Minardi

Chief Financial Officer

Melissa Hughes

Vice President, Global Human Resources

Keith Laakko

Vice President, Global Marketing and Business Development

Kerry Beaver

Vice President, General Manager, US & Canada

Molly Moroni

Vice President, General Manager, Asia Pacific

David Henderson

Director of Manufacturing US

Bob Keubler

Director of Global IT

Carol Hanson

Director, Global Quality & Environment

Michael Niemiec

Managing Director, UK/Spain/Romania/Scandinavia

Adrian Meier

Adrian Meier

Managing Director, Continental Europe

Cain Harper

Cain Harper

General Manager, Australia/New Zealand

Markus Marfurt

Vice President & General Manager, Mexico, and Latin & South America

Manoel Correa

Director, RotoMetrics Brazil

Robson Lopes Paula

Vice Director, RotoMetrics Brazil