Foam Cutting Dies

Foam Cutting Dies

When it comes to foam cutting dies, you need dies that offer the tightest tolerance on cut depth and size and multi-level cutting and are built to withstand cutting abrasive materials longer than your standard dies. You need RotoMetrics foam cutting dies.

The RotoMetrics Difference

RotoMetrics offers foam cutting dies that are built with precision and longevity in mind. Our proprietary TufShield plating improves performance on the most abrasive materials. More even blade wear means more retools, which means you’re running more material, longer.

Applications for Foam Cutting Dies

  •        Neoprene
  •        Polyester foam
  •        PVC foam
  •        Packaging
  •        Shipping applications
  •        Shoe inserts
  •        Noise and vibration control products
  •        Sleep products