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RotoMetrics vous offre des solutions de transformation plus complètes, avec l'assistance locale et le service personnel que vous souhaitez. Plus que jamais, vous pouvez compter non seulement sur notre envergure mondiale et notre leadership technologique, mais aussi sur une fabrication et une assistance locale, pour des produits innovants qui répondent à tous vos besoins en matière d'outillage rotatif.

Chez RotoMetrics, vous trouverez des cylindres et des plaques de découpe, des cylindres porte-clichés et des manchons, des contre-cylindres et des outils rotatifs, tous de la plus haute qualité à des prix concurrentiels, pour toutes vos applications : de la coupe mi-chair d'étiquettes à l'emballage souple, en passant par les films spéciaux et le non tissé.

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The AccuSmartflexible die is the economic choice for today's short to mid run projects. Ordering and shipment to you is quick and easy. The AccuSmart was developed to give you a standard and dependable level of quality, performance and die life that is perfect for standard liners.

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AccuStrike® Anvil with Dual Adjust Technology

The AccuStrike Anvil allows press operators to adjust blade clearance on press with extreme precision. Controls enable the operator to adjust bearers independently or together for unparalleled control over die strike on various liner thicknesses.


  • Easy to use dial controls with 0.001mm / 1.0 micron adjustment units
  • Standard total adjustment travel to +0.001"(0.025mm) / -0.004"(0.10mm) – design can provide alternate travel range if desired
  • Allows use of entire web width and center mounting of flexible dies
  • Fully hardened wear surfaces
  • Allows adjustment while the press is running or stopped
  • Fully compatible with RotoMetrics Hydra Jack system


  • Unit is maintenance and calibration free
  • Outstanding versatility – interchanges simply and easily with standard press anvils with no modification to the die station or press frame
  • Drop-in installation for quick changeover between die stations
  • Can be used for undercutting applications
  • Requires no modifications of existing die tooling inventories
  • Easy installation with minimal training required
  • Increased die endurance and resulting life-cycle cost reductions

Let RotoMetrics show you how the new AccuStrike Anvil delivers precision blade depth adjustment to the operator while giving you complete flexibility in die station set up.

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RD300 Cylindre de decoupe

Le RD 300 est développé pour une transformation de haute qualité sur des travaux complexes. Que vous coupiez des articles de haute précision, des supports épais, des films fins, de l'in-tissé ou des constructions synthétiques à usage médical - Le RD 300 relèvera le défi.

RotoMetrics offers Solid Rotary Dies for every converting application. Our exclusive CNC production technologies, manufacturing techniques such as machine finishing, proprietary surface treatments, along with the highest grade steels, combine to produce Solid Dies that are right for any job. And because our Solid Die designs are application oriented, you can count on RotoMetrics to produce the most cost-effective dies you'll find anywhere.

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AccuPrint™ Sleeves

Designed specifically for servo-driven presses, RotoMetrics™ AccuPrint™ Sleeves offer unmatched registration accuracy and tolerance control at today's high printing speeds.


This lightweight aluminum print sleeve consists of a proven polycarbonate inner core, aluminum outer casing and locking ring. When combined with RotoMetrics™ Hardcase® surface technology, the AccuPrint™ Sleeve also provides durability beyond all other composite, ceramic and anodized aluminum sleeves.




·         Standard web widths up to 22" (560mm), with special sizes available upon request


·         Available repeat lengths up to 33" (840mm)


·         Aluminum body thickness of 0.250" (6.35mm) designed for optimal weight


·         Diameter tolerance of +0.0002"/-0.0005" (+0.005mm/-0.013mm)


·         Aluminum keyway for mounting pin on press mandrel




·         Long-lasting, consistent registration accuracy at high speeds


·         Suitable for all printing plate thicknesses and adhesive tapes


·         Superior mounting tape adhesion and wear resistance compared to composite surfaces


·         Aluminum outer casing prevents electrostatic buildup


·         Add RotoMetrics™ Hardcase® surface treatment for enhanced scratch and solvent resistance to significantly increase service life


For more information about RotoMetrics™ AccuPrint™ Sleeves and our complete line of rotary tooling, or for answers to your technical questions, contact your RotoMetrics sales representative.


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