Consumer Goods

Consumer products require high quality labels and packaging with precision designs, cuts and impressions. Let's face it, the packaging of these products, plays a big part of moving them off of the shelves.

RotoMetrics solutions will help you to create the high quality labels and packaging that your customers have come to expect from you.

Consumer Goods Label Types:

  • Food Labels
  • Wine Labels
  • Beer Labels
  • Beverage Labels
  • Beauty Product Labels
  • Household Product Labels
  • Store Brand Labels

Consumer Goods Packaging Types:

  • Food Packaging Suppliers
  • Beverage Packaging Suppliers
  • Beauty Product Packaging Suppliers
  • Household Product Packaging Suppliers
  • Store Brand Packaging Suppliers

Consumer Goods Labels:

  • Pressure Sensitive Labels
  • Shrink Labels
  • In-Mold Labels
  • Cut & Stack Labels
  • Blow Mold Labels
  • No-look Labels
  • Expanded Content Labels

Consumer Goods Packaging:

  • Liquid Packaging
  • Folding Cartons
  • Resealable Packaging

Our Solutions for Labels

Our Solutions for Packaging