Medical Cutting Dies

Medical Cutting Dies

Precision is a term you hear often in the medical and pharmaceutical industries. Your medical cutting dies need to offer precise cutting solutions with care, quality and speed in mind. Let the insight, ingenuity and acumen of our engineers, master technicians, craftsmen and specialists guide you in whatever die cutting solution you seek.

The RotoMetrics Difference

At RotoMetrics, we’ve built a team of people who are committed to delivering quality medical cutting dies. RotoMetrics offers precise solutions that work the first time, and every time after that, for far longer than other medical cutting dies on the market.

Applications for Medical Cutting Dies

  •        Pharmaceutical labels
  •        Pharmaceutical packaging
  •        Home testing kits
  •        Thermal transfer
  •        Wound care
  •        Dental film and care products
  •        IV/catheter components
  •        Transdermals