Flexible Dies

Flexible Dies

Flexible dies from RotoMetrics offer you best-in-the-industry results, plus the widest selection from any single source, anywhere in the world. We can provide you with proven solutions to every converting challenge, from filmic materials and thin film liners to the most abrasive applications (such as thermal transfer materials and computer imprintable films), plus folding cartons and more.

Accu-Series of Flexible Dies

A flexible die series dedicated to converters who value quality, cost, and service. The Accu-Series™ of flexible dies allows you to choose the product features that are most important to your individual application. Every time. It's that simple. Same day turn­around is available on all standard layouts. RotoMetrics' new flexible die series offers distinct opportunities for converters to save both time and money.


The AccuSmart™ flexible die is the economic choice for today's short to mid run projects. Ordering and shipment to you is quick and easy. The AccuSmart was developed to give you a standard and dependable level of quality, performance and die life that is perfect for standard liners.


A "work horse" die, the AccuPrime™ provides you capabilities to cut a wider range of both face and liner materials, to extend cutting life, and more — features to optimize short, mid, and long runs alike. Adding FlexPlus treatment to your AccuPrime will deliver extended die life.

AccuStar® UltraFilm™

Considered the "All-Star", the AccuStar® UltraFilm™ die features the exacting precision tolerances required to convert the most challenging films and liners in today's market, including 23 and 19 micron (.00092" and .00075") PET liners. It is made to the tightest tolerances of any flexible die on the market.

AccuStar® Life™

AccuStar® Life™ is the ultimate in die life and targets the most abrasive materials convert­ers face today. With a superior ratio of blade geometry and chrome plating, this premier die routinely achieves over 1 million revolutions on thermal transfer material.

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Rotary Pressure Cutting (RPC)

RotoMetrics’ Rotary Pressure Cutting (RPC) Flexible Dies convert folding cartons by means of an innovative cutting technology that offers significantly longer die life than crush cut technology, utilizing a pair of male/female flexible dies mounted on dedicated magnetic cylinders with high strength magnets and preferably – without bearers. They are lightweight, easy to store and less expensive to ship. A unique interlock system guarantees the perfect alignments between the male and the female die. Typical applications include folding cartons, liquid packaging, food sleeves, cup blanks and more.


For more information about RotoMetrics Flexible Dies and our complete line of rotary tooling, or for answers to your technical questions, contact your RotoMetrics sales repre­sentative, or email us at sales@rotometrics.com