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Printing Technology

AccuPrint™ Sleeves

Designed specifically for servo-driven presses, RotoMetrics™ AccuPrint™ Sleeves offer unmatched registration accuracy and tolerance control at today's high printing speeds.

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Print Cylinders

Produced on CNC equipment to ensure accuracy and consistency, RotoMetrics Print Cylinders come in three types.

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Tinting Kits & Air-Assisted Tinting Kits

RotoMetrics Tinting Kits are so effective because the mandrel contains small air jets.

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Tint Rubber Cutters with Air-Assisted Mandrels

RotoMetrics Tint Rubber Cutter was developed to make clean, precise cuts quickly and accurately, even when cutting extremely small lengths.

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Meter Rolls

RotoMetrics Meter Rolls last longer and work more efficiently than other rolls because of an exclusive material available only through RotoMetrics.

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