A comprehensive suite of products engineered to minimize equipment damage and increase your efficiency.

Typically, for metal-to-metal applications, a finished die cut product moves with the liner. Without a material movement solution, the waste moves up the matrix and can potentially cause build-up and, ultimately, equipment damage. Nothing inhibits productivity more than a machine that needs repairs, so RotoMetrics innovated custom die solutions that remove cut-outs from the substrate or carrier based on your unique specifications.

We offer three types of material movement solutions that each provide unique benefits to your diecutting process:

Air: Compressed air blows away waste or die cut part from your die
Vacuum: Picks up waste from the web and pulls it through your die journal
Pin: Pin Eject pushes pieces away from the die

Material Movement

RD Vacuum Boxes

More efficient converting and prevent waste particle buildup


  • Captures pieces of waste blown out of your web
  • Easily attaches to your press
  • Prevents waste particles from collecting on anvil roll or in gears, thus minimizing your downtime
Material Movement

Material Movement: Multi-Port Air Eject

Targeted air blast for precise control solution


  • Uses compressed air and/or vacuum to optimize the removal of material
  • Can concentrate air/vacuum at a specific row of cavities cutting
  • Can angle target blast of air/vacuum for most precise directional blast
  • Can be used with a combination of compressed air and vacuum to select a die cut from the cavity and release it later in the die’s rotation
Material Movement

Material Movement: Focused Air Dies

Maximize airflow controls with focused air solution


  • Prevents damage or build-up in a variety of metal-to-metal cutting applications
  • Custom calibrated to ensure optimum airflow
  • Proprietary air probe aims airflow at a specific row of cavities
Material Movement

Material Movement: Air Eject

The power of compressed air prevents equipment damage


  • Prevents damage or build-up in a variety of metal-to-metal cutting applications
  • Custom calibrated to ensure optimum airflow
Material Movement

Material Movement: Vacuum Dies

The cleanest way to remove waste from the web


  • Specifically designed to vacuum small pieces from the web
  • Completely interchangeable punches
  • Minimizes downtime
Material Movement

Material Movement: Pin Eject Dies

Proven and highly efficient method to eject parts or waste


  • Assists in removal of materials from the web using built-in compression system
  • Ideal in high speed, high volume converting applications
  • Prevents build-up of small die cut slugs
Material Movement

Material Movement: PS Switch Pin Eject Dies

Most flexible ejection method for pressure sensitive cutting


  • Assists in removal or movement of materials using quick-change built-in compression system
  • Allows the cutting of small irregular shaped parts that need to be retained on the carrier liner
  • Pins can be replaced on site – simple, easy pin replacement

Supplemental Products Information

Material Movement Industries

Material Movement Applications

  • RFID Tags
  • Tag & Label Applications
  • Automotive Parts
  • Electronic Components
  • Metal Parts Manufacturing
  • Pressure Sensitive Labels
  • Expanded Content Labels
  • And many more applications

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