Medical Part Cutting Dies

Precision and quality are key in your industry—and you need medical part cutting dies that are built to meet medical market specifications. Your solution needs to meet your customers’ needs and specifications exactly. Your medical part cutting dies need to cut a product that will work right the first time and every time after that.

When you’re in search of a medical part cutting dies that offer precise solutions with care, quality and speed in mind, look no further than RotoMetrics. Two of RotoMetrics’s core values are precision and quality. RotoMetrics also offers several options for the slug removal process, including pin eject, air eject and vacuum, ensuring your runs are as efficient as possible. Dies from RotoMetrics maintain their integrity and perform better and longer than competitor dies, not only assuring you of a superior product, but saving you time and money. Let the insight, ingenuity and acumen of our engineers, master technicians, craftsmen and specialists guide you in whatever die cutting solution you seek.

Your Customized Solution for Medical Part Cutting Dies

Medical and pharmaceutical product applications often involve special material combinations and intricate design requirements. For many years, RotoMetrics has partnered with converters from design to manufacturing stages, developing solutions for applications that include:

  • Bandaging Products
  • Hydrogel cutting and converting
  • Home Testing Kits
  • Pick and Place Product Development
  • Blood Monitoring Devices
  • IV/Catheter Components
  • Island Placement Tooling
  • Wound Care Products
  • Dental Film and Care Products
  • Surgical sheets
  • Spun Lace Bandaging Products
  • Transdermals
  • Pick and Place Product Development
  • Expanded Content Labels

Whatever your substrate, your run length, or the application of your final product, working with RotoMetrics guarantees the delivery of an optimized solution that utilizes industry-leading tools and equipment. No die-cutting challenge is too complex for the RotoMetrics team. Allow our engineers to create a solution for you that doesn’t just meet your needs and expectations, but exceeds them. Even on the most abrasive substrates, RotoMetrics dies are built to cut cleanly, last longer, and wear evenly—meaning you’re running more material, longer, and still getting the precision you require.

The RotoMetrics Difference

Every die produced by RotoMetrics, including medical part cutting dies, is built with our core values in mind, and we’ve built a team of people committed to delivering quality medical part cutting dies. Our skilled team consists of people who deliver unparalleled support and focus on building strong relationships with our converter partners. The largest skilled sales force in the industry, dedicated application support and locations around the world make it possible for our team to be extremely responsive.

At RotoMetrics, we believe the greatness of our team is strengthened by the greatness of our solutions. Conversely, the greatness of our solutions is strengthened by the greatness of our team. With RotoMetrics, you can expect solutions and partnerships that inspire confidence and create true value. We have a comprehensive portfolio of products that work right the first time and every time. The RotoMetrics portfolio of solid and flexible dies is unique and customized to offer the best solutions for even the most complicated jobs. With the largest materials database in the industry, extensive testing, OEM and material supplier relationships and our manufacturing scale, RotoMetrics offers product precision and longevity unmatched by any competitor. Our team is constantly exploring and adopting progressive technology.

RotoMetrics offers application support, which allows you to work with an expert application adviser to design and build a custom solution for your medical part cutting dies. Our application support specialists make house calls, meaning they’re ready to assist with in-house problem solving should issues arise.

At RotoMetrics, we also value speed—speed that seizes opportunity and enhances production. That’s why we offer fast quotes and quick standardized and custom solutions. RotoMetrics also offers the best shipping and delivery program in the industry, with guaranteed 100% on-time delivery and next-day shipping for select solid dies. We also guarantee 99% on-time delivery for flexible dies, even on same- or next-day shipping. This rapid shipment is made possible by our global footprint, with local sharpening and service centers located conveniently throughout the world.

Perhaps the tenet held most dearly by RotoMetrics is our commitment to advanced science that creates new converting opportunities. We’re committed to technology that ensures industry-leading performance, built by boundary-pushing processes that break the limits of speed and press width. We apply innovative material science that improves processes and execution. Rotometrics offers long-running solutions for the most demanding materials, today and into the future. Get started on your personalized solution for medical part cutting dies today.

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Applications for Medical Part Cutting Dies

  • Pharmaceutical packaging
  • Home testing kits
  • Wound care
  • Thermal transfer
  • Dental film and care products
  • IV/catheter components
  • Transdermals