The very first of its kind. A sheeter that fixes the biggest challenges.

RotoMetrics leverages its synchronized and dedicated world-class team of customer service experts, engineers, and craftsmen to invent and design products that satisfy our customer’s unique needs. Before the Floating Blade Sheeter was introduced to the market, noise and vibration challenges prevented sheeters from performing for pressure-sensitive and challenging metal-to-metal applications. RotoMetrics saw an opportunity to scale our customers’ businesses and give them access to a superior sheeter solution, and thus the Floating Blade Sheeter was born.

Product Features

  • Practically eliminates noises and vibration
  • Adaptable for pressure-sensitive and metal-to-metal cutting applications
  • Blades are suspended above the bottom of the slot and held in place by friction
  • Can be made with multiple precision-milled slots at equal or special locations around the roll

Markets For Use

Product availability may vary by region. Contact your sales representative for additional details.

  • Minimum distance between blades varies depending upon the diameter of these units.
  • Contact your RotoMetrics Customer Service Representative for additional technical specifications for Floating Blade Sheeters
  • Perforating blades are also available in several standard cut and tie combinations, or can be custom made.
  • Contact your RotoMetrics Customer Service Representative for additional product customization options for Floating Blade Sheeters

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