The first of its kind in the industry. Proprietary engineering results in your success.

Web slippage can be a major roadblock for precise, accurate, and efficient converting. RotoMetrics’ perfectly synchronized team of world-class application advisors, engineers, master technicians, craftsmen, and specialist worked together to develop our High Friction Pacing Roll to solve this industry-wide web tension and pacing problem.

RotoMetrics High Friction Pacing rolls are finished with a proprietary high friction coating designed to provide a superior grip on the web. RotoMetrics High Friction Pacing Rolls are also engineered to assist in controlling part size and registration by providing consistent infeed and/or exit pacing of your web. The end result is a highly efficient solution that will benefit the overall health of your converting process.

Product Features

  • Unique high friction coating—an industry first
  • Provides superior grip on web
  • Prevents slippage through the press
  • Controls part size and registration

Markets For Use

Product availability may vary by region. Contact your sales representative for additional details.

  • Contact your RotoMetrics Customer Service Representative for additional technical specifications for our High Friction Pacing Rolls
  • Contact your RotoMetrics Customer Service Representative for the product customization options for our High Friction Pacing Rolls