Two tools in one to save you time and money

Across-the-web-adjustments used to slow converters down. RotoMetrics values speed as a tool for ensuring our customers’ success. As a result, we developed the hybrid Vari-Score/Vari-Punch unit to eliminate wasted minutes adjusting you lineal scoring or punching in the undercutting position. You can use the Vari-Score/Vari-Punch Units separately or together, making this product almost as versatile as the applications and markets it supports.

Product Features


  • This typically two-bladed lineal scoring tool consists of a mandrel upon which a set of bearers, blades and a gear are fastened. The blades are held with set screws, tightened into a “V” groove. The bearer set screws are tightened into a pilot hole.
  • Capable of being adjusted across the web
  • Designed to prevent bearers from moving or “walking” along the mandrel
  • Units are produced on fixed repeats, depending upon the press being used


  •  These tools are generally used as undercutters to make feed slots in liners. The slot or hole is cut up to the face stock, and the waste is removed by the waste matrix when stripping the face stock.
  • Punch wheels are adjustable across the web
  • Standard EDP line hole-punch units are available on the same repeats as Vari-Score Units

Markets For Use

Product availability may vary by region. Contact your sales representative for additional details.

  • Contact your RotoMetric Customer Service Representative for more detailed technical specifications for the Vari-Sore/Vari-Punch Unit
  • Vari-Score Unit: Special sizes are also available
  • Vari-Punch: Special feed slots are also available
  • Contact your RotoMetric Customer Service Representative for additional product customization options for the Vari-Sore/Vari-Punch Unit

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