Precision Flexibility and Uncompromising Stability

The Versa-Cut™ is the new, dual-adjust anvil that gives the press operator precise control of liner strike. With both parallel and single-side adjustability, the Versa-Cut is designed to overcome the challenges associated with material inconsistencies, thinner liners, and uneven die wear. The Versa-Cut’s enhanced stability comes from its fully-hardened bearers and body, as well as its lower operating temperatures which minimize thermal growth. And unlike some adjustable anvils in the market, the Versa-Cut does not require an external lubrication system which can contaminate the web. For the best value in a dual-adjust anvil, look no further than the Versa-Cut.

Versa-Cut™ Adjustable Anvils

Product Features

  • Calibration free
  • Internal bearing lubrication
  • Parallel and/or individual adjustment of the bearers
  • Requires no modification to existing die tooling inventories
  • Allows adjustment while the press is running or stopped
  • Fully hardened wear surfaces
  • Interchanges simply and easily with standard press anvils with no modification to the die station or press frame

Product Applications

  • Tag & Label Applications
  • Web Fabrication Applications

Processed Materials

  • Can be used on thin film liners (less than 1 mil/0.0254mm) with integrated support roll
  • Can be used on more challenging film substrates and complex converting materials

Markets For Use

Product availability may vary by region. Contact your sales representative for additional details.

  • Precise adjustments over the full range from +.004’/-.004′ (+.102mm/-.102mm)
    • Standard configuration is +.001″/-.004″ (+.025mm/-.102mm)
  • Parallel adjustment increment is .0001″ (0.002mm)
  • Single side adjustment is infinite over range of +.0015″/-.0015″ (+.0381mm/-.0381mm)
  • Fully compatible with RotoMetrics’ Hydra Jack System

Versa-Cut™ Overview

How to Adjust Versa-Cut™

Versa-Cut Animation