About DuraLine

What is the DuraLine flexible die?

Specially developed coatings and application processes create a unique die specifically designed to deliver considerable extra life compared to other extended life treatments.

What materials is the DuraLine flexible die used for?

DuraLine is an excellent solution for converting many abrasive materials, including:

  • Thermal Papers
  • Thermal Coatings
  • Recycled Papers
  • Thin Cardboard
  • White & Highly Abrasive Inks
  • Many More

Technical Specifications

Fully automated manufacturing process delivers the tightest tolerances in the market to convert the most abrasive materials easily.

  • The ultimate in die life
  • Targets the most abrasive materials converters face today
  • Superior ratio of blade geometry and chrome plating
  • Blade angle = 75 degrees
  • TPH Tolerance = +/-0.00008″ (2.03 microns)
  • Routinely achieves over 1 million revolutions on thermal transfer materials

DuraLine is the recommended die for cutting abrasive papers and other materials (e.g. Thermal Transfer)

If you have challenges with DuraLine (die life or the cutting performance) or if the material is even more challenging (i.e. GMDO, PVC, Tyvek), consider moving to DuraLine Special  which combines the sharpness needed to cut challenging materials and ultrathin proprietary coatings to extend life.

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The RotoMetrics Difference

Every RotoMetrics flexible die is backed by advanced science and industry leading technology that ensures market leading performance. At RotoMetrics, our commitment to manufacturing high-quality rotary cutting tools reflects our dedication to providing our customers with high-quality solutions to succeed. It’s why we integrated Electro Optic Die Cutting Technology with RotoMetrics’ industry leading manufacturing processes. Together we provide elite technology to elite converters in new markets. We allow customers to cut more difficult materials and pursue business opportunities previously unattainable due to the restraints of speed, price, or other challenges across the press and beyond.

The combination of RotoMetrics and Electro Optic optimizes our application offering so our customers can count on exclusive access to the most comprehensive die cutting solutions, all around the globe – ensuring they have the best solution for every application and converting challenge.


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