Industry leading performance with added surface protection

Whether your print cylinders face continuous daily wear or you enjoy the peace of mind associated with an added protective coating, the RotoGuard Print Cylinder, is the right choice.  Now produced on our own fully integrated anodizing line, we can offer greater control over the quality in order to achieve maximum durability.  Unlike a typical Anodize job shop, we were able to identify the ideal coating recipe as it relates to the industry requirements for mounting flexographic plates.  You can now feel comfortable knowing that when you order a RotoGuard print cylinder, the level of quality will be consistent from one order to the next.  With RotoMetrics you get greater flexibility and the service you depend on to get your RotoGuard print cylinders on time.

Product Features

  • Added surface protection from scratches, corrosion, plate demounting, and rust
  • Manufactured to OEM specification
  • Hard anodizing ensures consistency and increased life
  • Additional customization opportunities to increase life available
  • Controlled quality and speed through vertically integrated in-house anodizing

Product Applications

  • Tag & Label Applications
  • Packaging
  • Specialty Applications

Processed Materials

  • Paper
  • Film

Markets For Use

Product availability may vary by region. Contact your sales representative for additional details.

  • Guaranteed diameters, taper, and TIR
  • Manufactured on CNC equipment
  • Anodized in-house
  • Helical and spur gears available (including hardened and ground gears) to achieve optimal registration
  • A variety of scribe lines are available to assist it plate mounting
  • Contact your RotoMetrics Customer Service Representative for more information on how to further extend the life of your RotoGuard Print Cylinder.