Maintenance-free performance at an affordable cost

RotoMetrics’ Standard Print Cylinder is an economic solution engineered to support your printing processes on a daily basis. In keeping with Rotometrics’ reputation for reliable equipment with a quick turnaround, we guarantee diameters, taper, and total indicator readout for every Standard Print Cylinder we make. With plenty of customization options to further enhance the standard print cylinder’s durability and to achieve optimal registration, RotoMetrics print cylinders are the preferred choice to any alternative on the market.

Product Features

  • Perfect for normal daily use
  • Delivers reliable, maintenance-free performance at an affordable cost.
  • Fastest turnaround time
  • Manufactured to ensure TIR and concentricity

Product Applications

  • Tag & Label Applications
  • Packaging
  • Specialty Applications

Processed Materials

  • Paper
  • Film

Markets For Use

Product availability may vary by region. Contact your sales representative for additional details.

  • Guaranteed diameters, taper, and TIR
  • Manufactured on CNC equipment
  • Helical and spur gears available (including hardened and ground gears) to achieve optimal registration
  • A variety of scribe lines are available to assist it plate mounting