Our solid die portfolio is unique and customized to offer the best solutions for even your most complicated jobs.

We custom engineer and manufacture over 50,000 solid dies every year using proprietary production technologies, leading manufacturing techniques, exclusive surface treatments and the ability to source the highest grade steel. That’s human precision in solid rotary dies. Short runs to extremely long, simple patterns to complex, easy papers to challenging materials — we customize solutions to fit applications using experience and precision. Additionally, we have regional repair facilities conveniently located in places where you do business to keep your solid dies running like new. Our master technicians repair, retool and service over 35,000 dies every year. That’s the power of human precision to help your business excel.

RD300 Solid Die

The Power of Endurance for all substrates, even the most abrasive.


  • Tightest tolerance Metal-to-Metal die on the market
  • Extreme precision on cut depth and part size
  • Superior steel utilizing newest heat treatment methods
  • Totally machined
  • Material Movement solutions available

Material Movement: Multi-Port Air Eject

Targeted air blast for precise control solution


  • Uses compressed air and/or vacuum to optimize the removal of material
  • Can concentrate air/vacuum at a specific row of cavities cutting
  • Can angle target blast of air/vacuum for most precise directional blast
  • Can be used with a combination of compressed air and vacuum to select a die cut from the cavity and release it later in the die’s rotation

Material Movement: Focused Air Dies

Maximize airflow controls with focused air solution


  • Prevents damage or build-up in a variety of metal-to-metal cutting applications
  • Custom calibrated to ensure optimum airflow
  • Proprietary air probe aims airflow at a specific row of cavities

Material Movement: Air Eject

The power of compressed air prevents equipment damage


  • Prevents damage or build-up in a variety of metal-to-metal cutting applications
  • Custom calibrated to ensure optimum airflow

Material Movement: Vacuum Dies

The cleanest way to remove waste from the web


  • Specifically designed to vacuum small pieces from the web
  • Completely interchangeable punches
  • Minimizes downtime

RD250 Solid Die

The superior solid die solution when performance and durability matter


  • Superior solution for all to-liner and most metal-to-metal applications
  • Highest accuracy needed for precision cut depth
  • Material Movement solutions available

Material Movement: Pin Eject Dies

Proven and highly efficient method to eject parts or waste


  • Assists in removal of materials from the web using built-in compression system
  • Ideal in high speed, high volume converting applications
  • Prevents build-up of small die cut slugs

Material Movement: PS Switch Pin Eject Dies

Most flexible ejection method for pressure sensitive cutting


  • Assists in removal or movement of materials using quick-change built-in compression system
  • Allows the cutting of small irregular shaped parts that need to be retained on the carrier liner
  • Pins can be replaced on site – simple, easy pin replacement

RD200 Solid Die

A tight tolerance workhorse die for long runs


  • Engineered to convert most paper and filmic materials
  • The best choice when high accuracy is paramount

RotoRepel™ Adhesive Control Treatment

Solves the toughest adhesive challenges


  • 3M 6035 Poron with transfer adhesive
  • Avery Dennison S333 clear acrylic adhesive
  • Flexcon V81
  • Mactac MP725 tire adhesive

Challenger Solid Die

Challenger Solid Die

Improved performance and better blade wear


  • Enhanced tool steel – special processing required
  • Proprietary TufShield coating – exclusive chrome recipe
  • Conquers the toughest, most demanding abrasive materials

RD100 Solid Die

Longer runs and faster metal-to-metal converting performance at a great value


  • Ideal for metal-to-metal converting
  • Excellent value product that cuts most substrates

RD90M Solid Die

Extreme value without compromising precision


  • Engineered as an entry level to-liner solid die
  • Machine finished to-liner solution
  • Express Lane 24 hour turnaround available

Supplemental Products Information

Solid Die Industries

Solid Die Applications

  • RFID Tags
  • Tag & Label Applications
  • Automotive Parts
  • Electronic Components
  • Metal parts manufacturing
  • Pressure Sensitive Labels
  • Expanded Content Labels
  • And many more applications