Don't let pin replacement slow you down. Ever.

The PS Switch Pin Eject Die has all of the same benefits of the Pin-Eject Die, but with the added advantage of pins that can be replaced on-site – using the exact lengths needed and minimum effort and downtime. A proven solution for pressure sensitive cutting challenges, the cavity is loaded with a pin that pushes into a flexible core that forces it to expand back into the cavity upon release from the anvil surface. The PS Switch Pin Eject Die guarantees the highest slug removal percentage for the smallest parts of all available alternatives; minimizing waste buildup and cavity breakout.

Add RotoRepel. Save Money.

Our award-winning RotoRepel Adhesive Control can be added to any RotoMetrics die. With the time and money saved in just one use, the addition of RotoRepel pays for itself.

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Benefits of adding RotoRepel to any die:

Product Features

  • Designed for challenging cavity sizes as small as .0626” (1.6mm)
  • Allows the diecut of small irregular-shaped parts that need to be cut but retained on the carrier line
  • Proven to be very efficient in high speed, high volume converting applications
  • Significant value due to elimination of the need for compressed air or vacuum source while also increasing outputs, speed, and reliable success
  • Pins can be ordered in the exact length and can be replaced from the outside on the fly by the converter with minimal effort
  • Lower carbon footprint than air eject or vacuum alternatives
  • Regional resharpening, retooling, and repair center support available

Product Applications

  • Laser sheets
  • Tickets
  • No-waste boarding passes
  • Beverages
  • Tag & Label
  • Gaskets
  • Automotive parts
  • Industrial parts
  • Electronic components
  • Engineered precision parts
  • Medical components & devices

Processed Materials

  • Most substrates
  • Non-printed electronic

Markets For Use

Product availability may vary by region. Contact your sales representative for additional details.

  • Minimum waste dimensions: 1.6 mm (1/16”)
  • Die Repeat: up to 31.25 (793.75 mm)
  • Die Cutting Width: up to 30” (762mm)
  • Minimum Center-to Center Distance Between Pins Across Web: 4.8mm (.189”)
  • Compatible with RD250 and RD300 solid dies
  • Other sizes available upon request
  • Pins can be ordered to exact length

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