The RotoMetrics Converting Technology Center is where our relentless focus on constant improvement comes to life.

In order to provide rotary tooling solutions that exceed your standards for precision and longevity, we perform extensive testing on the thinnest films, the most abrasive substrates, the most challenging adhesives and the broadest range of industrial materials across a variety of categories.

As we test, and as we produce, we document all of our garnered expertise and knowledge. RotoMetrics has been a world-leader in rotary tooling solutions for over 60 years. Thanks to 1,100+ team members on 5 continents servicing over 5,000 customers in 140 countries to 99% customer satisfaction, we’ve produced the industry’s highest quality and most comprehensive product line backed by the industry’s most extensive database to ensure a perfect cut on any substrate. We maintain records of millions of data points and specifications to help our expert team continuously learn, evolve, and perfect for the benefit of our customers. Couple that with the industry’s largest material inventory to test and partnerships with OEMs and material suppliers and you’ve got the Converting Technology Center: a physical representation of Unlocking the Power of Human Precision.