Delivering complex cutting tools with reliability and speed requires more than just precision equipment and automation.

It requires precision from insights, ingenuity and the acumen of a world-class team who are equipped to provide totally personalized solutions.

Your customers are unique. Your applications are unique. Your business is unique. That’s why we invest so heavily in our team, so that they can innovate using our collective expertise to create tooling solutions that optimize your efficiencies and exceed the expectations of your customers.

For RotoMetrics, it’s not just about a single rotary die, but ensuring that you have the customized solutions that you need to succeed. That’s part of why we offer such an expansive portfolio of products and services. Our Engineered Tooling Solutions give you the ability to combine various enhancements, features, and products to achieve the absolute best performance possible.

There is no modification or combination that we will refuse to explore. From different hardening processes, to coatings and treatments, to inventing our very own adjustable anvil technology and material movement solutions, RotoMetrics is committed to opening your business up to further opportunities for success.