World leaders in designing and manufacturing precision rotary tooling, our best in class solutions have applications in a broad range of industries, including yours.

At RotoMetrics, we enable the efficient conversion of substrates into individual labels and parts, through designing and building precision rotary tooling to help customers excel. As a part of our culture of human precision, we know that our solutions need to be unique to the challenges you are facing as a part of your converting process. No matter your industry, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for your exact application. However, after 60 years and tens of millions of dies, we have identified some best practices within the markets we consistently work in. Explore your industry below to see RotoMetrics’ customized expertise in action.

Consumer Goods Industry

Consumer goods products require high quality labels and packaging with precision designs, cuts and impressions that help your customers excel. Let’s face it, the appearance of these products plays a big part of moving them off of the shelves.

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Industrial, Automotive and Electrical Industry

Many industrial converters are moving from flatbed converting to the convenience, efficiency and productivity rotary tooling provides. Today, many of the jobs that used to take two dies can be done with a single rotary solution. We call this Web Fabrication and whether you’re eliminating waste along the web or relocating parts, RotoMetrics has a solution for you.

You’re working with the toughest materials, the most abrasive substrates, incredibly challenging adhesives, and seemingly unavoidable downtime. Where you’re seeing a series of challenges, RotoMetrics’ world class team sees a series of data points and opportunities to design and engineer a solution that specifically addresses your unique pain points. Die-cutting is the new frontier of productivity and efficiency in industrial manufacturing, specifically for automotive parts and electrical components. When you’re working with an industry leading partner that has the ability to completely customize tools to your equipment and processes, you can be certain you will be able to seize those opportunities.

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Medical & Pharmaceutical Industry

Medical and pharmaceutical product applications often involve special material combinations and/or intricate design requirements. From design to manufacturing stages our outstanding team of experts tailors products so we have the capability to create customized solutions that works for you.

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Personal Care Industry

RotoMetrics is continuously evolving our products and processes to meet market demands for engineered fabric solutions for disposable and durable applications within the personal care industry.

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