Maxcess and Rotometrics have merged to create the largest end-to-end web-handling provider with the broadest product offering.

The organization will offer new innovative technologies, expanded geographic markets, and a robust global manufacturing and service/support footprint, as well as the broadest end-to-end product offering in the industry for rotary dies and support tooling solutions, guiding, winding, slitting, tension control and precision rolls.

Maxcess Advantage


Year after year, Maxcess companies introduce new web handling technology that allows customers to achieve higher levels of efficiency.


From high speeds and heavy loads to delicate or innovative materials, Maxcess products are running strong in some of the world’s most challenging environments.


Manufacturing and Engineering teams throughout the Americas, Europe, and Asia provide localized web handling equipment sales and support anywhere in the world.


We have built an unrivaled network of web handling application experts with over 400 years of experience to help you choose the right Maxcess rollers technology and keep your process running smoothly.

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